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Clear Title Energy is a comprehensive title research service designed specifically for companies operating in the energy industry. Our experienced team of researchers and analysts conducts thorough land title research to help businesses in the solar, oil & gas, and electric vehicle industries make informed decisions about their land acquisitions and development projects. With Clear Title Energy, you can trust that our research will be conducted with the utmost attention to detail, accuracy, and efficiency. From land grants and patents to charging stations, solar, and wind, our team is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and execute successful projects with confidence.

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At JCW Title, we are committed to providing the essential information and support that the energy industry needs to succeed. Our expert research team delivers accurate property ownership histories, surface and right-of-way reporting, and specialized information crucial for large-scale clean energy projects. Our high quality research and reporting ensures that our clients have the information they need to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Land Grants & Patents

Our research team plays a crucial role in supporting the natural resource industries, including mineral rights and petroleum. By delivering accurate property ownership histories that trace back to the original land grant or patent from the government, we provide the essential information these industries need to make informed decisions and execute successful projects.

Surface & Right of Way Reporting

To ensure the smooth and legally compliant execution of roadway, power line, or pipeline projects, it is essential to obtain accurate surface and right-of-way information clearances. Our team provides the expertise to secure these clearances, helping to ensure that your project can move forward without complications.

Charging Stations, Solar & Wind

Financial institutions and development teams require specialized information crucial for solar, wind, and other large-scale clean energy deployment projects. Our team delivers the current-owner reports, claim and lien data to ordinance reporting that helps the green energy sector shine.